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Manageable Makeover: Exterior Paint Job


A Midwest shop uses color psychology to increase its curbside appeal.

This Manageable Makeover series shares successful before and after transformations for shop owners.

Donna Fitzjarrald believes in the meaning behind colors. Hue heavyweights, also known as color psychology experts, say green represents balance and growth, orange conveys warmth and happiness and purple stimulates imagination.

Photos courtesy RPM

Donna Fitzjarrald, co-owner of Reliable Professional Maintenance in Effingham, Illinois.

Fitzjarrald, who co-owns Reliable Professional Maintenance in Effingham, Illinois, kept these shade aids in mind during a recent makeover at her shop. Intent on bringing her 30-year-old building into the modern age with a fresh coat of exterior paint, she surveyed the symbolism behind several popular color choices.

Fitzjarrald eventually settled on blue for its ties to wisdom, trust and loyalty. This smart-looking makeover also helped her create a wow factor without breaking her budget.

Before and after Reliable Professional Maintenance paint job.

Reliable Professional Maintenance in Effingham, Illinois, changed its outer appearance from a faded tan to a wise choice of blue.

Dollars: $2,000

Description: For her exterior paint job, Fitzjarrald replaced the building’s faded tan color with a brilliant gray blend. It looks “kinda like a charcoal blue,” she says.

Duration: The project took three weekends in the spring of 2015 to complete. The first weekend involved priming the building. Painting took place during the second phase, and then the trim received a fresh coat on the third weekend.

Declarations: Fitzjarrald believes her shop’s new facelift has improved the first impression customers receive when they bring in their trucks for repair. “We got a lot of compliments from customers, friends and family,” she says. “Building beautiful!”


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