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Manageable Makeover: Logo Redesign


To suit its vintage vibe, a Kansas shop owner vinyl wraps an older truck with a retro version of her business’ emblem.

This Manageable Makeover series shares successful before and after transformations for shop owners.

Peggy Lawless sees service trucks as more than just a means of conveyance. To her, these vehicles are “great rolling billboards” and represent a smart way to promote her shop on the road.

Peggy Lawless of Professional Fleet Services

Peggy Lawless, co-owner of Professional Fleet Services in Wichita, Kansas.

That’s why the co-owner of Professional Fleet Services in Wichita, Kansas, makes a conscious effort to ensure her fleet looks fresh—even if some trucks are dated.

Upon purchasing a 1989 Ford L9000 day cab, Lawless decided to capitalize on its nostalgic feel. An entire paint and body restoration to honor its original splendor would be too expensive, so she instead vinyl wrapped the truck with red fenders and an old-school version of her shop’s branded design symbol.

“I think if we’re going to [make] this truck retro, we need to have a logo that feels retro as well,” Lawless says.

Professional Fleet Services Logo before and after

Lawless’ retro logo (bottom) preserves some elements of the original brand (top), namely the color scheme and circular wrench design.

Description: Drawing inspiration from Ford’s classic emblem, Lawless commissioned a car wrapping vendor to design an image that fit her truck’s special aesthetic. “I showed [the designer] many pictures of trucks and logos on the Internet that had the vintage feel,” Lawless says. “When he showed us the retro logo, we loved it.”

Dollars: Less than $2,000. “We’ve used it on advertising products, the sign in front of our shop and other places,” Lawless says. “We recently used it on our new sales pickup truck.”

Duration: Two weeks.

Declarations: Lawless says the truck has been well received. She hears lots of positive comments, such as “Cool!” and “Nice truck,” from her techs and customers.


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