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Google Alleges Uber’s Otto Stole Trade Secrets to Develop Autonomous Trucks


In an ongoing lawsuit, a federal judge issued an injunction against Otto and parent company Uber, ordering both to submit any stolen files that may exist to Google’s self-driving vehicle venture Waymo and the court.

Autonomous truck technology company Otto, that’s already performed two on-highway demonstrations of an autonomous tractor-trailer, has found itself embroiled in an ongoing court fight between two of Silicon Valley’s most prominent players, Google and Uber, over trade secrets and patents behind automated vehicle technology.

Google filed a lawsuit in federal court in February alleging that one of Otto’s top engineers—and formerly an engineer at Google’s self-driving car venture Waymo—downloaded 14,000 confidential Waymo files related to automated vehicle tech and then left the company to found Otto, which includes Otto Trucking.

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