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Most Valuable Team Player: Andre Moseley


A Seattle Seahawks fan spreads his wings as a field tech at our Pacific Northwestern shop.

The Most Valuable Team Player series highlights personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Andre Moseley served as a salesperson for a parts vendor when he interviewed with us, so he wasn’t a typical tech. We have skilled people to coach new hires, though. We invested a lot in him, and he’s been a pleasure to have around.


Equipment Experts in Tacoma, Washington.

Andre Moseley, a field tech at Equipment Experts

Andre Moseley serves as a field tech at Equipment Experts in Tacoma, Washington. 


Field tech since 2013.

All-star lineup

Andre services forklifts, heavy equipment and trucks in the field. He inspects vehicles and performs light and medium repairs.

Slam dunk

We’ve never seen him without a pleasant expression on his face. In fact, customers tell us to “send the smiley guy” on service calls. He truly cares about those around him.

Second wind

We took on a new fleet with 150 trucks in 2015. Andre and a few techs maintained it, and the task became more of a night job later on. We asked Andre to work evenings and train the other employees to show them how it’s done for one year. He was willing to change his whole schedule to service this large account, and it had a threefold effect: He helped make this client happy, taught and mentored the younger crew and showed what it took to be a team member. He went above and beyond to take care of everything for us.

He also came up with a way to make our repair orders more user-friendly. He flipped the page orientation from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal) and used different things he learned from his experience in sales to improve them and overcome the challenges he was facing in the field. Basically, we went from a rough, initial version to a more professional one.

Andre Moseley, a mobile tech, at a Seattle Seahawks game

Moseley isn’t subtle about his pride for the Seattle Seahawks.


Andre has a natural resilience. He can handle setbacks and obstacles more than others. One time, he broke a component on a machine. We got a new one, which was expensive, and it broke again. He was so disheartened, but he was honest, confronted the issue and got the training needed so it wouldn’t happen again. That’s when he realized he should slow down, document what he’s doing and, if he doesn’t understand something, ask. He learned a lesson and has been a treasure to work with.


He was referred to us by one of our other top techs, who said, “I don’t recommend many people, and he’s not that experienced. But, he wants to be a field tech, and he’s a great guy.”


Andre has four children, 10 years old and younger, and he’s helped take care of his mom and dad as well as his father-in-law. He also serves as a foster parent. He’s a big Seattle Seahawks fan and wears a huge novelty helmet or a hat with blue and green dreadlocks when he attends their games.


When you have people doing the right things in the appropriate positions, your mind can rest at ease as a business owner.

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Our goal is to help employees flourish and prosper at our shop. If they feel like we care about them, they will stay — so, we give them the tools to do their jobs properly. When you have people doing the right things in the appropriate positions, your mind can rest at ease as a business owner.

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